Eilat & Petra Extensions


Eilat at Leisure

A wonderful way to extend your Israel vacation is to spend a few days in the beautiful resort of Eilat, just a one-hour flight from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Eilat is located at the southernmost tip of the Negev, on the Red Sea, where the sun always shines.

An extension to Eilat offers a wide variety of activities:
- Visit the Underwater Observatory and Aquarium, a living museum 20 feet under the sea.
- Swim with dolphins, scuba dive, snorkel or cruise the Red Sea in a glass-bottomed boat.
- Have a Bedouin experience. Sip tea and bake pita bread with members of this nomadic tribe. Take a sunset camel ride.
- Take a one-day jeep tour into the Sinai Desert to visit Santa Catharine Monastery, Mount Sinai and the Burning Bush.
- Cross into Egypt for the day - or evening - and visit the Taba Hilton Hotel and Casino.

Petra - One-day bus tour from Eilat

Early morning pickup at the hotel. Cross at the Arava Border and drive to Petra, the "Rose-Red City," in an air-conditioned bus. Enjoy a panoramic view of Wadi Rum. Go a short distance on horseback (or on foot) to the entrance of the "Lost City" of Petra, the Nabatean city seen in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". Walk one mile through the Siq to the ancient temples. Visit the Treasury, then continue into the heart of this ancient city for a look at the Roman Theater, the caves in the rock and dozens of imposing monuments. Lunch at Wadi Moussa. Late afternoon return to Eilat.

Private one-day and overnight tours to Petra are available.